Schuyler Donahoe

Schuyler Donahoe is a versatile professional with a deep passion for the arts and a strong dedication to supporting creatives in their entrepreneurial endeavors. With degrees in Percussion Performance and Performing Arts Management and Entrepreneurship from the University of Michigan, Schuyler brings a unique blend of artistic talent and business acumen to the table.

Schuyler's musical achievements include playing on the Grammy-nominated recording of Sila: Breath of the World by John Luther Adams and premiering Michael Gordon's Field of Vision. These experiences have not only showcased his skills as a percussionist but also instilled in him a profound appreciation for the transformative power of art.

Beyond his musical accomplishments, Schuyler is driven by a desire to assist fellow creatives in navigating the complex world of business and law within the arts. His abilities in this area are reflected in the three Legal Resource modules he authored for EXCEL at the University of Michigan. These modules cover crucial topics such as business structures, incorporation, copyright concerns, and contracts.

In his leisure time, Schuyler can be found indulging in his love for grilling, exploring the world of coffee, and immersing himself in captivating books. With his artistic ability, entrepreneurial mindset, and knowledge of the arts, Schuyler is dedicated to making a meaningful impact on the creative community.